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This is mostimpresive's academy website!


I've been working on the site alot, if you find and broken links just PM me.
Many people may not know this, but we have different classes to choose from, instead of boring melee all the time, you can join as force, space(provided by AF), gunning, politics, and inquisitors.
Also if you're interested in me, your Grandmaster, go to

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Peace is not given, it is earned
We earn peace through victory
We gain victory through the force
We gain the force through the midichlorians
We hear the midichlorians through concentration
We gain concentration through patience
The force shall set us free!

Next Hosting Time:

6/16/2012 6:00 PM Central Daylight Time
-|Newly Knighted Hendo22 will be hosting|-


Click here to download Conversion Pack 2.0

Click here to download Dark Times 2: Rising Son


"Aggressive Negotiations" with politicians on Alderaan 12/18/2011

We were given the honor of aiding Renegeade Order on Rhen Var, I unfortunately could not make it myself, but I receive reports it went well, the Jedi and Sith destroyed themselves, making a tie, no matter who made it or the casualties that were there, a victory is a victory, so good work men‼ -4/6/2012

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